July 22nd Update

Today we have found reports about another 11 survivors and also slotted in a couple of families that hadn’t worked out where they were living. This means we have made changes to floors 1,2,5,13 and 14. Floor 14 is now complete.


July 15th update

Today we have updated all the diagrams so that they are correct geographically.
We have also removed the different sized icons as requested by residents so that you can no longer distinguish children.

We found  one more person today bring our total up to 279 people verified by media post.

July 13th updates

Today we found a further 10 survivors from media reports. Five of these were in two flats we had not identified. This means we only have 26 flats about which we need further information.

We have also identified that our diagrams are inaccurate geographically. This will be fixed over the weekend. The diagram below shows the correct layout.

Thirdly the residents have asked us to stop distinguishing between adults and children on the diagrams so we will edit this at the same time.


Updates 5th July evening

We have found a further two people in media reports. They were in a flat we had already  verified one person on floor 5. Diagrams has been updated.
We now have a total of 74 missing and 190 survived.


Updates 5th July

Today we found three more families of survivors and an additional child. They were on floors 10, 12 and unknown. The additional child was on floor 15.

Diagrams have been updated appropriately.


Grenfell Tower data – Do you want to help?

A group of us are gathering data from the media about survivors/missing from grenfell tower. We are up to about 200 verified names.

If you have a spare five minutes then take a look at our “floor by floor” doc – do a search for an unverified person and then send us any information that you find. Using this form: HERE

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